Lost Time: Mold Maintenance

Molds require routine maintenance- some after every run or in the middle of a long run. Molds break due to fatigue. Molds crash, injector pins bend, springs snap, water lines leak, heaters wear out. All of these things are part of the natural life cycle of a mold. To fix these issues requires a tool maker to take the mold apart, diagnosing the problem and repairing the mold. Repairing the mold often means making new core pins, new cavities, polishing or remaking inserts. This requires a mold manufacturing facility or toolroom that is capable to work quickly to get your process back up.

Touchproof Defined

Due to several well-publicized infant deaths in the mid 1980's, touchproof connector systems were originally designed to provide protection from accidental power main insertions. Medical Touchproof (or "safety") connectors have evolved into a specialized class of connectors that fall under several international standards

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