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"My experience with P1 Technologies can be summed up in just a few words, a great company and an even better supplier of product procured with consistent dedication, integrity, and service."

Rob R. / Principle Sourcing, Qualification Engineer
research and development

Research & Development

If you have an idea without a concrete design, collaborate with us for your product development requirements. Share your sketches, even napkin ones, or describe your vision. In case you already have a design, our engineers can discuss design specifics, usage requirements, and provide support in design, material selection, and prototyping. Our R&D team collaborates closely with customers to create prototype parts and tooling to validate concepts before finalizing production tooling.

in house tooling for contract manufacture

In-house tooling

Don’t lose sleep or waste time transferring damaged molds off-site to be fixed - we incorporate the latest techniques to keep you operational! We offer mold building and 24/7 mold repair in our tool room that is fully equipped. Our CNC machinery includes a Makino sinker that features fine hole capabilities, 2 wire EDM machines, a 3-axis high-speed Makino graphite mill, lathes, grinders, and mold maintenance. We guarantee precision tooling and offer Express Modular tooling as a low-cost option for small runs of new products.

Plastic injection molding

Plastic Injection Molding

You don’t have to look far to find experts in custom injection molding. Located in Virginia, P1 Technologies has more than 60 years of expertise in close tolerance, injection, and insert molding with engineered and commodity resins. From hearing aids and hula hoops in the 1950s to life-enhancing medical and industrial products, we are heroes in product design and lean manufacturing. Our passion is for quality; our mission is for service.

Cleanroom & sterile BARRIER packaging

If you need parts molded, assembled, and packaged in a cleanroom we've got you covered. We have nine ISO Class 8 and three ISO Class 7 cleanrooms for medical device manufacturing and medical seal packaging. We also offer validated part cleansing processes. The cleanrooms are certified to ISO Class 7 standards for sterile barrier packaging and ISO Class 8 standards for molding. We have two different types of sealers: Impulse sealers, which use a pressure bar and heat to seal the pouch, and Band sealers (or rotary sealer) that use a belt to pull the pouch through heater bands to create a seal. Tyvek/LDPE pouches are the standard pouch we offer, and they come in various standard sizes but can also be custom sized and with custom printing or labels attached. If you require a different material for your packaging, we are willing to work with you to make that happen. We can also print directly on the pouch (for example dates, lot numbers, expiration dates). P1 Technologies can manufacture a part for a customer, package it and have it dropped shipped to a sterilizer. We test our seals with peel/burst tests that are performed periodically through a production run.

custom labeling services

Custom Labeling

Custom labeling, barcode, pad printing, imprint, and packaging to your specifications. Manufacturing services include micro-assembly, sonic welding, crimping, and soldering. FDA-UDI printing.

3D printing services

3d Printing

3D printing is now being utilized at full force at P1 Technologies to help customers keep costs down and produce prototypes in record time. Our newest 3D printer is an SLS style that uses polyjet technology. We chose this printer because it is one of the best resolution printers on the market and has been proven to be able to produce high-resolution 3D printed parts. The most important reason for us to own this equipment is to help our customers by being able to produce quick turnaround prototypes and low volume parts at a minimal cost. We can reduce lead times and initial investments. We can provide proof of concept in days rather than weeks or months. It gives us the ability to make changes before committing to a production mold tool.

Quality & Certifications

Every user, distributor, or prescriber of any type of medical device wants confidence that the device will perform as intended. Part of that confidence comes from the knowledge that the medical device manufacturer is held to stringent regulatory requirements. ISO 13485, medical devices – quality management systems – requirements for regulatory purposes is a standard that sets specific requirements for quality management systems to ensure organizations meet customer and regulatory needs through basic design and development, production, storage, distribution, and installation criteria. P1 Technologies has a strong commitment to quality. P1 Technologies proudly adheres to quality ISO management standards, Lean Six Sigma, and cleanroom ISO Class 7 and Class 8. Click here to download Certificates.

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