Below is a list of terms and definitions that are used and some of the more common synonyms. This list was created so we can not only help our customers more effectively but as a teaching tool for ourselves as sometimes we get locked into our own internal terminology.




Audio plug

Phone plug, Europlug, Audio Jack, iphone plug, iphone connector, Mono plug, Stereo plugMulti-contact connector or plug for handling at minimum tip & ground (barrel) signals. Standard designs range from 2 individual pins within a molded body to 4 pole phone plug configurations to multi-pin circular connectors.

Bend relief

Strain relief, Flexible boot, Anchor bend reliefAn injection molded device that surrounds a wire and prevents repeated sharp bends from damaging the wire conductors. Bend reliefs are generally made of a softer durometer material to allow them to flex. The purpose is to extend the useful life of a leadwire.


Wire Split, Breakout, Junction, Center, Yoke.An injection molded device that protects the point where a multi-lead wire splits or divides into individual wires. Usually an electrical intersection. When electronic components such as capacitors cannot be housed within a plug, they can be installed here. A bifurcation may or may not contain bend reliefs.


Keeper, BreakoutAn injection molded device that protects the point where a multi-lead wire splits or divides into individual wires. No electrical intersection involved.


Pinch clips, Ear clips, Alligator clips, Wire clips, Clip LapelClips are used for making & breaking repeated contacts. Mostly the contacts are made various electrodes. Wire and Lapel clips are used for keeping wires in its place.


Multipin connectors, Din connectors, Mini Din, Circular, Lemo, Redel, Hirose, Omentics, Harwin, Concentric connectorsVarious connectors or plugs, could be male connectors or female connectors, used for medical cables-complying with touch proof requirements. These could be a single pole connector or a multipole connector.


Ring electrodes, Grounding electrodes, Ground plate Surface electrodes, Bar Electrodes, Monopolar needle electrode, Corkscrew Electrode, Snap electrode, EEG, ECG, EMG, EKGElectrodes are used for monitoring patients various Cardiac and/or Neurophysiological functions.

Field assembled

Self assembled, DIY connectors, assembled connectorsIndividual connector components that can be assembled outside our manufacturing facility. Typically single use disposable applications or pods for housing custom wiring configurations. Does not have the benefit of overmolded connectors.


IEM, Ear buds, CustomsCustom sized device that fits into a person’s ear. Contains ultra small speakers or drivers to produce high quality sound. Used by stage performers and audio enthusiasts.


Receptacle, Plug, Connector, Socket, PCB jack, Panel mounted jackUsing the IEC 60601 Touchproof regulation as a reference, traditionally the male counterpart of the female socket found in the plug.


See "Medical Cables"Traditionally one leadwire per signal, so 3 to 10 leads for cardiac monitoring, or 8 to 128 leads for EEG.

Low volume

Prototype run, Clinical trial runSmall orders of a preferred cable or product design. Our policy is to provide as few as 10 pcs, when feasible.

Medical cables

Patient Interconnect, Lead wires, ECG EEG EKG EMG wires and leads, Monitor cables. Monopolar cables, Concentric Needle Electrodes, Jumper cables, Stackable leads, Extension cables, Adaptor cablesHigh quality cables designed and built for the sole purpose of connecting a patient to a piece of equipment to monitor body functions. These cables are manufactured to ISO, RoHS and sometimes REACH standards. The cables can be reusable or disposable.

NRE tooling

Participation fee, user feeNon-recurring Engineering (NRE) may be required for tooling, fixtures, electronic files, etc. Usually required only one time. Subject to different terms than the finished parts.

Overmolded connectors

Reusable connectors, Encapsulated connectorsInsert molded device of some design or shape that is terminated on wire or other required build. Requires choices of materials that are compatible with the design as well as colors.

Push pull connector

Cable interconnectA cable interconnect between plug & mating jack without a locking action. Signals are immediately connected. The opposite of a BNC/bayonet mount, for instance, that requires a 90deg turn to ensure signal integrity.


Keeper, slip tube, ZipDevice placed on a multi wire cable that prevents further wire separation. Can be a custom molded button, Y-Bifurcation, a short segment of PVC or heat shrink tubing.


Screen, Drain wireGrounding device to insulate single or multi conductors within a jacketed wire from interfering signals. Fine stranding spiral or braid is preferred in the wires we terminate. Foil is only possible when a drain wire is included.


Touch proof, Safety connector, DIN standard 42-802, IEC 60601-1Designed to provide protection from accidental power main insertions in medical connectors.


Bifurcated cord, Audio monitoring cordReferences the fact that signal for two ears is fed from one source, so a branched wire takes on a Y shape when laid on a flat surface. Common terms for the segments going to ears are “legs” and from the center to the multi-pin plug is the “body”.


Breakout, Multi-portMultiport device terminated to the end of a cable that has multiple jacks for connecting to a variety of devices. Can be customized.