There are many types of cables used in polysomnography (sleep studies). Some will monitor sleep stages, some monitor sleep cycles and still others are used to identify disruptions in sleep patterns. These cables range from a typical EEG cable to a more complex snore sensor cable. A typical sleep study setup will contain 22 or more cables that use 12 electrical channels. In a sleep study environment, multiple cables are connected to a central measuring device. The data is then available to be analyzed. Any cable manufacturer can offer a single or only a few cables, but only those with experience working directly with sleep study equipment providers can offer a full sleep study product line.

A sleep study cable assembly package can contain a combination of the following:

  • EEG cables: for monitoring brain activity.
  • EOG cables: for monitoring eye movement.
  • ECG/EKG: for monitoring heart activity.
  • EMG: for monitoring and measuring muscle tension and leg movement.
  • Snore Sensors: for monitoring breathing and snoring.
  • Pulse Oximeter: for measuring changes in blood oxygen levels.

P1 Technologies develops and manufactures all the cables required for sleep study equipment and can create custom cable packages to satisfy all requirements. Our quality commitment plays an important role in the decision for our customers to use a single source for product development. We have traceability in place for all raw materials. This keeps materials consistent and makes the finished product more consistent. Data reliability is another benefit for customers from using a single source. This important characteristic insures all cables are manufactured to the same high P1 Technologies standard.

Designing your entire system with us will allow us to create consistency in your product line with our high quality manufacturing from beginning to end. And, it makes putting together a cohesive brand an added value. P1 Technologies has been manufacturing cables for sleep studies for over 20 years. Recently, P1 Technologies designed and developed a custom package for a customer by working directly with them. Together, we created a unique sleep study product line that included their own exclusive concept.