Molds require routine maintenance- some after every run or in the middle of a long run. Molds break due to fatigue. Molds crash, injector pins bend, springs snap, water lines leak, heaters wear out. All of these things are part of the natural life cycle of a mold. To fix these issues requires a tool maker to take the mold apart, diagnosing the problem and repairing the mold. Repairing the mold often means making new core pins, new cavities, polishing or remaking inserts. This requires a mold manufacturing facility or toolroom that is capable to work quickly to get your process back up.

Finding a capable toolroom facility that not only understands your tool and how it works, but can get you back up and running in the shortest time possible can be difficult. Time is money. Many manufacturing facilities typically outsource toolmakers, which costs time in transportation and coordinating repair time. These toolrooms utilize equipment such as: wire edm, plunge edm, grinders, high-speed milling machines. Many times the need for new design work from a CAD system is required to make the repair or to improve the tool so less repair is needed in the future.

Here at P1 Technologies we have both an on site 24-hour tool shop and a design team. Our toolmakers and design engineers work hand in hand to ensure that your molds are always running smoothly and efficiently and are built to required specifications. We have the latest equipment: multiple wire EDMs, plunge EDM, multiple grinders and milling machines. By having your molding, toolroom and design on premise lead-time is cut to a minimum as is any transportation cost. By offering all three under one roof scheduling is not an issue and we can expedite your mold as needed.