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Medical Component

Contract manufacturing requires a second party to produce a sub component or, even an entire device, for an OEM. Examples include a cable harness used...


Cables For Sleep Studies

There are many types of cables used in polysomnography (sleep studies). Some will monitor sleep stages, some monitor sleep cycles, and still others are used...


Data and Fluid Cable

Working in an environment saturated with cables, machinery, people, and various other obstacles is difficult at best and impossible at worst. These objects can get...


Cable Terminology

Below is a list of terms and definitions that are used and some of the more common synonyms. This list was created so we can...


ISO 13485

Every user, distributor or prescriber of any type of medical device wants confidence that the device will perform as intended. Part of that confidence comes...


IEM: Music Cables

There has been, and most likely will always be, a spirited debate of which type of In-Ear Monitor (IEM) cable is the best.  


USB Type C Connector

The standard size USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector, along with the operation of the USB, has stayed relatively the same since 1996, outliving the USB...


Contract Manufacturer

Contract manufacturing offers highly skilled workers, leveraging their knowledge and experience to quickly and efficiently grow your business. Contract manufacturers offer three major benefits to...


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